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  • Alfred Sisley™ – Bare Root

  • Apricot Drift® Rose – Bare Root

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    Beautiful Day™ – Bare Root

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    Beverly® Eleganza® – Bare Root

  • Camille Pissarro Bloom

    Camille Pissarro™ – Bare Root

  • Climbing Good Day Sunshine™ – Bare Root

  • Climbing Lavender Crush™ – Bare Root

  • Climbing Perfume Breeze™ – Bare Root

  • Coral Drift® Rose – Bare Root

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    Coral Miracle™ – Bare Root

  • Earth Angel™ Parfuma® – Bare Root

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    Forever Yours™ – Bare Root

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    Julie Andrews – Bare Root

  • Marc Chagall™ – Bare Root

  • Maurice Utrillo™ – Bare Root


Bare Root Roses For Sale Online

With more than 150 varieties of roses and over 30 patented roses, Certified Roses is a household name for roses. At Certified, you’ll find some of the most unique roses bred worldwide by hybridizers in the U.S. (Arizona and California), France, Germany, Britain, Holland, and beyond.

When you’re looking for bare root roses for sale online, Certified Roses is the online nursery you can trust.
Why buy bare root roses?
Bare root roses are dormant roses that have been removed from their soil and pruned of all blooms and leaves. The bare root rose is then placed inside a box with the root system wrapped to keep the roots safe during shipment.

Bare root roses do not have blooms, so they do not look as attractive in the store as potted roses. However, when they bloom, they are absolutely exquisite.

Bare root roses do come with many advantages:

  • With all foliage pruned, a bare root rose can more easily conserve itself because its energy isn’t focused on supporting its leaves and blooms.
  • Frost damage is a threat to mature roses but not to bare root roses. So, you can plant them much earlier than container roses.
  • Bare root roses are easy to plant because they do not come in a soil filled container.
  • You can plant a bare-root rose early — up to six weeks before (but no more than two weeks after) the last average frost date of the season.
  • Because a bare root rose does not have to split its energy between caring for its roots and its leaves, it will usually bloom and mature very quickly.

How to find a rose plant you’ll love

1. Determine your goal

Do you want to…

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at our online store.

2. Select your style

We have a variety of exclusive, patented rose collections to match every style.

What do you love?

3. Choose your favorite bare root rose

We have a wide variety of fragrant, colorful, and disease resistant roses. Some of our favorites are:

  • Moonlight in Paris™ rose
  • Miranda Lambert™ rose
  • Miracle on the Hudson® rose
  • Scentuous™ rose
  • Ring of Fire™ rose
  • Julie Andrews™ rose
  • St. Tropez™ rose

What makes Certified Roses different?

People have always loved roses, but growing rose plants used to require a lot of patience… and a bit of luck. That’s because historically, roses have been quite fussy and high maintenance. That’s not the case anymore.

Technology has enabled us to improve the quality of roses. At Certified Roses, our hybridizers spend many years developing and perfecting the perfect rose plants that are:

  • Colorful
  • Full of fragrance
  • Unique
  • Disease resistant
  • Hardy in various climates and conditions

The result? A lovely variety of charming roses that are more vigorous, and more beautiful, than ever before. Learn about our breeding process.

We know you’re going to love our roses as much as we do.