The Painters Collection, introduced by French breeder Delbard Roses, is a series of brilliantly contrasted, striped roses inspired by the Great French Impressionist painters. The collection features Floribunda, Hybrid Tea and Shrub roses. Though each variety has its own distinct coloring and fragrance, the Painters are known for their vigor, large blooms, and stunning colors.

 Collection Image

Alfred Sisley

Striped orange and yellow shrub

 Collection Image

Camille Pissarro

Striped Yellow, Red and White Floribunda

 Collection Image

Marc Chagall

Pink, Yellow Centered Floribunda

 Collection Image

Maurice Utrillo

Striped Red, White and Yellow Hybrid Tea

 Collection Image

Peach Swirl

Apricot, peach, pink and yellow striped Hybrid Tea