Painters® Rose Collection

Inspired by the Great French Impressionist painters and developed by French breeder Delbard Roses, the Painters Rose Collection offers a variety of colorful, striped roses, each with unique fragrance and style. The collection includes Floribunda, Hybrid Teas, and Shrub roses.

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  • Alfred Sisley™ – Bare Root

  • Marc Chagall™ – Bare Root

  • Maurice Utrillo™ – Bare Root

  • Peach Swirl™ – Bare Root


Striped Roses For Sale | Delbard Roses | Painters® Collection

Inspired by the Great French Impressionists

The Painters Collection, introduced by French breeder Delbard Roses, is a series of brilliantly contrasted, striped roses inspired by the Great French Impressionist painters. The collection features Floribunda, Hybrid Tea, and shrub roses.

Each variety has a distinct color and fragrance, and all of them are known for their vigor, large blooms, and stunning colors.

Who is Delbard Roses?

George Delbard is a rose hybridizer in France who has created some of the world’s most elegant, rare, and fragrant roses.

Certified Roses features a highly sought after exclusive variety of roses we call the Painters® Collection. Each rose is named after famous painters because they look like the work of an artist.

If you’re looking for beautiful, fragrant roses that are sure to add a splash of color to your garden, the striped roses for sale at Certified Rose are absolutely exquisite.

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