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Miranda Lambert™ Rose

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert, a Texas native, continues to achieve monumental attention in the music world and has established herself as one of country’s most successful women.

The Miranda Lambert rose turns heads with its luring fragrance, big blossoms and vibrant pink color. This fragrant Hybrid Tea features petals of saturated cerise and large, elegant buds over five inches in diameter.

With every purchase of the Miranda Lambert rose, a percentage of sales will be donated to Miranda’s MuttNation Foundation to aid in the adoption of more shelter pets. www.muttnationfoundation.com

Lavender Crush™

You’ve never seen a shrub rose like Lavender Crush with its unusual lavender color, nostalgic style and fantastic fragrance.

An English-type shrub from this side of the pond with a color and perfume that would make the Brits envious. Grape to lavender tones blended with a reverse of creamy white, this tall, bushy plant can be trained as a Climber in mild climates. Clusters of full, old-fashioned flowers bow down on graceful arching stems to invite you to take in the intense citrus blossom and rose aroma.

Cl. Good Day Sunshine™

Cl. Good Day Sunshine will brighten your day with big clutters of ruffled flowers saturated with deep yellow color.

America’s gardeners have been asking for a good yellow climbing rose for a long time. We’ve got the answer. Good Day Sunshine will give you color galore with big clusters of ruffled flowers saturated with the purest of deep yellow color…and the yellow tones hold well through the life of the flower with virtually no fade.